MV Preset Pack 03 : Concert Photography

MV Preset Pack 03 : Concert Photography


Designed for concert photography, these 7 Lightroom presets are my go-to base editing tools for low-contrast processing. These presets identify common, unappealing colors live photographers have to deal with like red and purple and revise them to more attractive tones.

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I intimately know the struggles in dealing with the tough lighting conditions of concerts; dark and underexposed photos along with harsh, saturated lights are two of the most frustrating factors I face when editing live photos.

I’ve been using and tweaking these 7 Adobe Lightroom presets for months, trying to handle these annoying circumstances that we unfortunately don’t have much control over. Each of these presets has a different take on addressing tough lighting situations.

This concert photography pack includes the following presets:

  • MV-L-01

  • MV-L-02

  • MV-L-03

  • MV-L-04

  • MV-L-05

  • MV-L-06

  • MV-L-BW

Presets compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, versions 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, as well as Adobe Camera Raw.

The download is a .zip file that includes the presets in .xmp and .lrtemplate file formats

Adobe Lightroom Concert Photography Presets — Matty Vogel | Before & Afters

Above, find small samples of each preset included in this pack.

Below, I’ll give you more fitting before and afters of each preset and a brief description.

MV-L-01 — Before & After

MV-L-01 — Before & After

The first preset in the pack takes oversaturated pinks and reds (so unfortunately common in live photography) and will help convert them to more natural warm skin tones and colors. You won’t entirely lose your pinks and reds but this processing will make them much more manageable.

MV-L-02 — Before & After

MV-L-02 — Before & After

Oh boy… this one brings the heat. This is my go-to warm preset, taking a fairly neutral photo and warming it right up with a nice orange and red glow.

MV-L-03 — Before & After

MV-L-03 — Before & After

A bit of a cool down, the third preset in the pack deepens dark colors, lifts blacks, and inserts some forest green in the shadows.

MV-L-04 — Before & After

MV-L-04 — Before & After

The visual equivalent of jumping in a pool, MV-L-04 is my first click in Lightroom when I want to take a neutral image to a super cool place and introduce heavy blues.

MV-L-05 — Before & After

MV-L-05 — Before & After

A cousin of the last preset, MV-L-05 is intended for purples and reds, converting them into softer blues and greens.

MV-L-06 — Before & After

MV-L-06 — Before & After

Another cool-toned preset, MV-L-06 shines bright when used on dark images, holding back the highlights while really boosting the shadows and giving everything a natural-feeling blue punch.

MV-L-BW — Before & After

MV-L-BW — Before & After

My one and only black and white preset keeps tones consistent with the rest of the pack… but in black and white. Timeless.

How to edit with these presets

You can approach processing your images with these presets in any way you’d like. When I use them, I’ll apply the preset, and immediately go straight to adjusting my white balance and my exposure. From there, don’t be afraid to jump into your highlights and shadows or HSL sliders, split-tone settings, and curves! These presets should give you a great jumping-off point to put your personal touch on your processing. Hope you enjoy.

Installing your Adobe Lightroom Presets

If on Lightroom version 7.3 or later, you’ll use the included .xmp presets:

  1. Unzip the downloaded .zip file

  2. Open Lightroom

  3. Click ‘+’ in Lightroom’s “Preset” panel

  4. Select “Import Presets…”

  5. Navigate to the unzipped .xmp presets and select them

  6. Wait for import to complete

If on previous versions of Lightroom, which use .lrtemplate presets:

  1. Unzip the downloaded .zip file

  2. Select “Lightroom” -> “Preferences” from the menu

  3. Click “Presets” tab, then “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…” button

  4. Navigate to the “Develop Presets” folder

  5. Copy your presets folder into there

  6. Restart Lightroom


If you have any issues with these presets or are unhappy with them in any way, please email me at with your concerns and I’ll get back to you right away with a solution or a refund. Thanks for your support.