Spectrum Gradient Maps 2


23 ultramodern Photoshop Gradient Maps expands on the world the original SPECTRUM pack builds. Choose a new vision for your photos and designs by applying one of these filter-like gradient maps to mutate your work.

Adobe Photoshop CC
2.1 MB

These 23 gradient map looks are an easy way to elevate your photos or designs. This pack builds on the world that the original SPECTRUM pack created, with infrared and sci-fi inspired color combinations carefully picked to transform your work.

Gradient maps are an insanely powerful editing tool that alignthe tonal range of your artwork to these custom gradients maps, changing the entire spectrum of color in your design or photos.

Instant color palettes for any image or design

There are a million ways to use gradient maps — combining or stacking multiple adjustment layers, blending modes, or opacities is a great place to explore what’s possible.

23 unique color options to choose from

10 second install

It’s never been easier to transform your work — it just takes a few seconds to install the gradient map pack.

It’s even easier to use them, just create a new Gradient Map adjustment layer and select the map you like.

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