Live Presets 1


11 Lightroom profiles created for concert photography processing — based on modern aesthetics, analog tones, and effective live photography editing

Adobe Lightroom Classic
Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Camera Raw
Adobe Lightroom Mobile
28 MB

I’m excited to share this pack of presets that I use on tour with artists like Billie Eilish and 30 Seconds To Mars.

I created these presets to excel in the most difficult of live concert photography situation — handling red, blue and purple lights with ease across arenas, clubs, and bars.

This pack of 11 presets features the consistent, timeless analog tones you’ll find in my work. With ten distinct color treatments, and one black and white look, you’ll find a preset for any situation.

I’m excited to implement these presets in profile format for the first time. Profiles are a immensely helpful editing tool, with a key feature being an “amount” slider, allowing you to treat your image with 0-200% of the preset effect, while keeping all of your develop settings completely zeroed out. This gives you a completely blank slate to customize the image to your liking, without any limitations of existing preset settings.

Embrace the power of Profiles

Utilize the strengths of editing with profiles — apply like a preset and then adjust the slider to change the power of the effect.

Diverse Color Treatments

11 different Profiles for use in any situation — these have been stress tested for concerts at festivals, arenas, clubs and bars in all lighting conditions.

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