Included in the “Classic Concert Presets vol. 01” pack:







Classic Concert Presets vol. 01

  • 6 classic concert photography presets

  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Adobe Lightroom Mobile

  • Apply to achieve instantly beautiful concert music photos, or dissect the presets to learn editing techniques

they work! from bars to CLUBS TO arenas

I’ve been working as a music and tour photographer for 5+ years, and have had amazing opportunities to tour with artists such as Billie Eilish, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and All Time Low, capturing their live shows around the world.

My editing style has been a catalyst in many of the gigs I get hired for, and I spend a lot of time in Lightroom trying to perfect my catalog of presets, and working to find the most effective approaches to processing concert photos. Now I’d love to share what I’ve figured out!

I’ve been refining this batch of presets since 2016, using them as the main presets I utilize as a foundation to start developing a set of looks for new tours and clients.

The pains of shooting live music; slightly less painful.

“Classic Concert Presets vol. 01” consists of 6 unique Adobe Lightroom presets that are explicitly designed to address the challenges that concert photographers face in their photos...

  • Digital noise from high ISO settings

  • Blown-out highlights or underexposed shadows

  • Unappealing and overly-saturated colors

  • High-contrast scenes

  • Improperly exposed photos

This group of presets features “classic” looks — mild presets that provide general direction in color correction and handling of tones, but don’t alter the image with insanely stylized adjustments. They’ll help you either deal with the annoying results of shooting a badly-lit show, or emphasize beautiful lighting and production that you managed to capture.

These are a handful of beautiful looks that can either be a one-click solution to editing your work, or a great base for fixing common problems in concert photos while giving you the latitude to take your post-processing in whatever direction you’d like.

making adjustments with these presets

A couple of quick adjustments after applying the presets can help you realize the full effect of these presets. Here are my typical first moves after applying them!

  • Adjusting the “white balance” temperature and tint to help get to your desired colors

  • Using the “exposure” slider to achieve an appealing balance of highlights and shadows, then using the “highlights,” “shadows,” “whites,” and “blacks” sliders to fine-tune the tones

  • Making changes to the HSL sliders in Lightroom to gain control over specific colors and modify them

Download formats

Upon purchase of this preset pack, a digital download will be delivered to you containing .xml (current versions of Adobe Lightroom CC and Classic), .lrtemplate (legacy versions of Lightroom) and .dng files (for Lightroom Mobile).