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The Tour Photographer Workflow

Years on the road with bands and artists have helped me make my workflow as a tour photographer as efficient as possible. This article covers my entire journey getting ready for tour and the tasks I do every day. Here’s how I manage quick photo delivery and safe backups, all while making the most of my time.

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Free Concert Photography Lightroom Presets

There's one color preset and one black & white preset for concert photography editing in this free Lightroom preset pack.

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Camera Settings for Concert Photography Beginners

Dialing in the right settings for concert photography is a challenge, but this guide for beginners will tell you how to adjust your camera's settings up your camera for the best results at shows.

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Improved Tour Photographer Workflow

Your Lightroom catalog, backups, and access to your archives will be manageable if you're diligent about your workflow and are consistent every day. It's a lot of work but your photos are important, not only to your client but to you as well, so take care of them!

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My Workflow: How to Stay Sane as a Tour Photographer

My workflow is the most important part of being a productive and successful music photographer. I've been working on shaving down my time in front of my computer as much as possible while still producing the best images I can on the road, so here's a detailed guide to my workflow on tour.

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