Free: Social Media Export Preset for Lightroom

What does this thing do?

I've long been annoyed at Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites for compressing my photos when I share them. This Lightroom preset does its best to fix the problem, by resizing and optimizes images to look their best on social media.

What exactly does this thing do?

It addresses a bunch of problems introduced by posting photos on social media. Facebook currently has a max image size of 2048px before it resizes and compresses you photos — not good. This is where a lot of issues come in. This preset exports your photos with a long edge of 2048px at 72ppi so Facebook won't resize them.

Image quality at 85 is a happy medium of file size vs quality of image, especially when the photos are being viewed in a web context. Small file sizes mean your photos are less likely to be compressed when uploaded to different sites.

A little bit of output sharpening just adds a minor touch of sharpness to your photos when viewed on web.

The preset's settings, viewed in the Lightroom export module.

The preset's settings, viewed in the Lightroom export module.

Download here

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How To Install

For both Mac and PC

1. Select "Lightroom" > "Preferences" from the top menu, while Adobe Lightroom is open. (On PC, this menu header will be titled "Edit" and not "Lightroom".


2. Under the "Presets" tab, under "Location" section, press "Show Lightroom Presets Folder"


3. In the Finder window that appears, navigate to "Export Presets" > "User Presets", and copy + paste the .lrtemplate file you downloaded into this folder. It is now installed. (Note the file downloads as a compressed .zip file, which you will have to uncompress to access the .lrtemplate file)


Now when you pull up the Export screen in Adobe Lightroom, the social media export template will appear under the "User Presets" folder for you to use.