Free: Photography Invoice Template

Free photography invoice template

An invoice template is a simple little document that every photographer needs in their resource stash. You can't make money without one (haha). I keep a well-organized folder with all of my personal resources I've accumulated over the year, including records of my invoices, insurance info, tax documents, receipts, etc. All the boring stuff that is pretty important (especially come tax season).

For some reason it's not that easy to find a decent looking invoice template online... at least one without an absurd amount of unnecessary information on it. I've sent this to a bunch of friends, and you're more than welcome to use my template to save yourself some time in making your own. Just replace my logo with yours, and fill in the placeholder info.

I use a pretty simple invoice sheet, partially because I only deal with a handful of clients each year. It's intended to be quick and easy to fill out, with all the necessary info included... no less, no more. If you're a music photographer or run a small photography business with a limited number of clients, hopefully this template will work well for you.

I included a few file types — Pages (pages), Acrobat (pdf), and Word (docx).

Download here

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