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Free Concert Music Photography Presets Adobe Lightroom | Matty Vogel

Editing concert photos can be really tough. The nature of the artificial lights, changing lighting conditions, and uncontrollable colors make it tough to get a good shot in the first place, and impossible to maintain the consistency you could expect from some other types of photography. And when you're just starting out, finding a way to maintain a consistent style and dealing with the unique problems of concert photos can be overwhelming.

I've learned a lot about editing from dissecting presets or tone curves from other photographers, so I wanted to give away a couple of my own. There's one color preset and one black & white preset in there.


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If you like these presets, you should take a look at my concert photography preset packs, which contain many of the presets that I use on my own work.

MV Concert Photography Preset Pack 01

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MV Concert Photography Preset Pack 03

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Color Preset

Black & White Preset

Ok... this is important — don't just slap them on and be done! They're literally my presets, and I don't even use them that way. They should just be a base to start editing from. Adjust everything, assess your image and figure out what it needs or what you want it to look like.

These presets won't work on every image, and that's okay. The color of the lights, natural contrast of the photo, exposure, and more all contribute to how effective the preset will be — not to even mention personal preference. My style probably isn't your exact style, but check them out and see what you think.

If you want to learn more about my editing process, check out my editing from start-to-finish video embedded below.

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