Concert Photography Preset Pack 1



I've been working hard on my first preset pack for a few months now, and I've taken these presets out for a spin on a few tours, adjusted them a million times, and I'm happy to report that I finally love them! These concert photography presets will give your live music photos a dark, contrasty, and heavily stylized look. 

This Adobe Lightroom preset pack includes 5 development presets for concert photography, and one adjustment preset to add grain to your photos.



This preset my favorite black + white preset, and I use for both concert photography and other work that I do. This preset adds contrast and crushes the highlights, resulting in a moody and dark black and white look.

MV 02

Like green? This one's for you. This one works well on a lot of different types of photos, and can be used for either a light or dark green result. It will take the cool tones of a photo and change them to a lovely shade of green.

MV 04

A preset I don't use frequently, but when it hits the mark, it really hits the mark. This is the warmest preset in the pack, giving yellows and oranges dominance over even the coolest parts of the photo. 

MV 01

One of my go-to presets I use on cool temperature photos, this preset works best on photos that already have some blues and yellows in them. Cool tones are added to both the shadows and highlights — just be careful using this one on anything that isn't an artificially lit concert photo, because it doesn't very accurate skin tones.

MV 03

One of my favorite presets of the bunch, this is one of the most "natural looking" — relatively speaking. It should work well on just about everything, giving warm, brown tones to your photo, plus it makes all of the cool tones my favorite teal color.

MV Grain

This simple adjustment preset just adds an appealing grain to any photos you'd like, without making the grain overbearing or the focus of the image. It lends to the film-like colors I hoped to emulate throughout the development presets in this pack. 

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