Editing Concert and low-light Photos in Lightroom

I've touched on this topic briefly in the past, but finally got around to recording a video of my process editing concert photos start to finish. It's a different beast entirely than editing other types of work, so I hope this is beneficial to those new to shooting this type of work.

From the video you can see my regular approach. I use this method to create my presets which I use for each tour that I'm on.

Editing low light photos like those from concerts provides a unique challenge, as you often have to deal with excess noise from ramped up ISO settings, motion blur from movement, extremely underexposed and overexposed photos from changing lighting conditions, and missed focus as a result of subjects moving quickly across the stage. Some of these issues are easier to alleviate than others.

In this video I only address the issues from this specific photo, but if there's continued interest I'd be happy to make more videos addressing other problems that are often encountered in concert photography.

Before and after editing a concert photo

Before |  Editing concert photos in Adobe Lightroom
After |   Editing concert photos in Adobe Lightroom