My Favorite Photos of 2014

2014 was a year of new things for me! I traveled to a lot of countries I never expected to visit in my life, shot my first album artwork, and got to tag along with some of my good friends as they opened some great new chapters in their careers.

I'm going to start this list at #1 and then count up from there... because let's be honest if you clicked on this link you want to see what the #1 photo is anyway.


# 1 - Hoodie Allen - People Keep Talking Album Artwork

Canon 5D Mark II - 35mm 1.4L

We shot the artwork for People Keep Talking in an empty room in my apartment in Philadelphia. Hoodie came down for the day from New York and we went to an antique shop, grabbed an old rotary phone, and shot most of the day. All of the shots from the day were just an on-camera speedlite - which for those reading this who don't know about camera stuff, that's as minimal as it gets when lighting comes into the mix. I really appreciate Hoodie entrusting me working with him to get the image he wanted to represent an album that he knew would be a milestone in his career. It's already been a wild ride for him in the few months since it's been released and I'm really excited for his future. Being able to take the photo for something that's getting as much publicity as this album is a really cool experience.

# 2 - Jason Butler of letlive. in Perth, Australia


Canon 5D Mark II - 35mm 1.4L

I went on Soundwave Festival this year in Australia with my friends Our Last Night. One of the bands on the tour was letlive. and I had heard from a bunch of people that they were totally crazy and an absolute delight to shoot, so the last date of the tour I made sure I was able to catch their set. They were indeed totally crazy. Jason, the frontman, has some incredible onstage antics that were really fun to shoot. This photo is him in the process of spraying a water bottle everywhere and I managed to get lucky and have the water bottle hidden in his hand behind him for this shot. I'm very happy with this photo - the action, composition, colors, lighting, and everything else make me place it at #2!


# 3 - Matt Healy of The 1975 in Baltimore, MD

Canon 5D Mark II - 35mm 1.4L

Ahh The 1975. Everyone's favorite band. My favorite band. I shot these guys the first night of SXSW in 2013, which was their first ever show in the US. I was so excited to be there and shoot it - honestly I'm not sure if there were any other photographers there but it was a tiny, amazing show and one of my favorite music memories. This year, The 1975 became an insanely huge rock band, and rightfully so. I was able to take some photos of the band when they played in Baltimore, Maryland at Ram's Head Live earlier this year thanks to a Twitter hook up from a friend of a friend - if you read this, thanks Carl! I love this photo so it's my #3.


# 4 - Max Bemis of Say Anything

Canon 5D Mark II - 35mm 1.4L

I shot this image of Max in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory for the cover of Highlight Magazine. Say Anything has been a band I've really loved for a very long time so it was cool to sit down with Max and take some photos of a guy I've never met but have been a fan of for years. I really like this image in particular. It feels really candid and personal.


# 5 - Davey Havok of AFI in Brisbane, Australia

Canon 5D Mark II - 35mm 1.4L

Here's another Soundwave shot. AFI is another band I've been listening to for years and it was really amazing to see them play every day. The schedule worked out really great, where as Our Last Night finished their set, AFI started playing the next stage over. During the set, Davey walked out onto the crowd and I grabbed a lot of photos I really liked, and I think this one is my favorite.


# 6 - Our Last Night in Prague, Czech Republic

Canon 5D Mark II - Tokina 11-16mm 2.8

I enjoy this photo a lot, and it brings back one of my favorite days spent with Our Last Night. The Europe tour I did with them gave them some of the best shows they had every played as a band, and this night in Prague was absolutely insane. It was one of my favorite shows I've ever seen, and I think one of their favorite shows they've ever played. Nobody spoke the same language but they still definitely knew the words and sang them really, really loud.


# 7 - Dan lambton of real friends in buffalo, new york

Canon 5D Mark II - 35mm 1.4L

This was an awesome day of Warped Tour this summer. It rained all day and during this unbelievable downpour the show still managed to go on despite everyone and everything being soaking wet. I caught Real Friends while they played in the downpour and they put on a really grow show that was only made better by the ridiculous conditions and mud everywhere.


# 8 - Hoodie Allen in Columbus, ohio

Canon 6D - Tokina 11-16mm 2.8

This shot was from one of the very early shows on the People Keep Talking Tour. I was just getting a hang for the lighting of the show and the movements of the band during each song, and just happened to be in the right place at the right time, completely uncalculated. The production on this tour was really great, and I want to thank Matt Butler of Impulse Creative Group for making the whole tour look incredible every night. He made my job so, so easy!


# 9 - John O'Callaghan of The Maine in Buffalo, New York

Canon 5D Mark II - 85mm 1.8

This shot is from the same day as the above shot of Dan from Real Friends. Shooting in the rain that day was a really cool experience and I busted out my Canon 85mm 1.8 to take some close ups of The Maine, and I really thought this one came out well. As an added bonus, everyone thinks this photo is of Kurt Cobain.


# 10 - Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari in mansfield, massachusetts

Canon 5D Mark II - 35mm 1.4L

Another Warped Tour photo! Years ago at Warped I shot Enter Shikari and told everyone that they were the most fun band I have ever photographed. I still think that's true - these dudes are absolutely nuts. They do the craziest things ever and it's an absolute blast to photograph. I would never miss a chance to shoot their set. This one is of Rou climbing off into the crowd, and I feel like it matches the energy and presence of the band really well. Love it.