Our Last Night spring 2014 tour update - UK

The flight from Moscow to London was easy - 3 hours or so. Our tour manager for the UK/Europe tour, Rich, met us at the airport. He’s worked with some awesome bands in the past and had met the guys briefly the last time they were in the UK. As the tour has gone on, we've realized just how kickass Rich is. He's an amazing dude with an awesome work ethic - hopefully I can tour with him again the future.

Anyway, after we arrived we drove for a bit and ended up in Northampton. First things first, we went to Nandos. After that we went to a pub for a while. Played some air hockey, mingled with the locals, etc. We stayed in a hotel quick that night and headed off the next morning for the first show in Newcastle.

When we arrived at the venue we realized there was a soccer/football game just down the street. Oh and it happened to be a giant rivalry game I guess. And the home team lost. So we parked and quickly the street we were on was flooded with angry drunk hooligans. We locked our doors and watched, obviously. The other team’s fans were crossing one street down and everyone started chanting at them. There were a ton of riot police that were trying to control everyone but there were a LOT of crazy drunk dudes that wanted to punch something/someone. After 20 minutes or so it calmed down and the street was clear again, but it was insane to be in the middle of it for a tiny bit.

The show was an entirely different experience than Russia. The Newcastle venue wasn’t bad by any means, but lots smaller and a very different world from the 500-person amazing venue shows in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It was a smaller show in Newcastle, but still good. Afterward we stayed with the local opener band at their place not far away. We got kebabs and pizza which was pretty nice. The UK never felt more like home than experiencing it after Russia where we could hardly do anything on our own accord.

The next day we went to Manchester to play the venue Sound Control, which I went to with The Dangerous Summer last time I was here. I have a few friends in Manchester but unfortunately they were all busy, so I didn’t get to see them. It was a cool show, the fans were really into it and it was high energy. Also packed. When we were done packing up we went down the street to a nice bar where we watched the Super Bowl. It was a total blowout of course but still really fun to see. The bar felt really American, they walked around handing out hot dogs and stuff. We were into it. I never thought I’d see drunk British people so passionate about American football, so that was an interesting experience.

After Manchester we drove to Rich’s house near Cardiff, where our show was the next day. Cardiff is straight up my favorite UK city. Wales rules and there’s a CASTLE in the middle of Cardiff. I love it. I played this venue last time here too and it’s called Clwb Ifor Bach. I can’t pronounce it but I was told to just call it ‘The Club’ so that’s what I’ve been doing. I grabbed the guys and we went to the castle (which you can see from the front door of the venue which is on an awesome cobblestone alleyway). We explored around the castle and took some awesome photos.

One awesome thing about this tour was that the Mayday Parade tour happens to have a really similar routing to ours. We were both in Cardiff at the same time, so I met up with my buddy Tom Falcone, who is Mayday’s photographer. We went to a bar and had a drink and hung out - we hadn't seen each other in a long time so it was great. He knows the OLN guys a bit so he came back to the venue to hang for a little while, then went back to his show.

Our Cardiff show was another good one. At the end kids were going so crazy that they literally stormed the stage, stepping on everyone’s stuff and it all turned off… that’s how the set ended. It was pretty punk rock.

Next up; Leeds. I love Leeds too. Fate would have it that the Mayday Parade tour was in the same venue as ours, in another room of the venue. That meant more Tom Falcone hangs. My other amazing photographer friend Jordan Green was working the UK dates with the band Decade, who is opening for Mayday. That was very good news. There was ‘Slam Dunk club night’ or something right after the show, so we all drank a good amount and sang along to blink-182 songs and I for one had an amazing time.

The show was another good one - probably the smallest venue OLN has ever played, and it got ridiculously hot. The venue is set up like you’re playing in a tin can. My lenses kept fogging up and the ceiling was actually dripping condensation like rain. It was horrible/awesome and really punk.

We left Leeds early the next morning for Dundee, Scotland. A pretty long drive because Dundee is like as far north as civilization goes up there. It was a beautiful place right next to the ocean. The show there was smaller but still a good one. We slept very briefly at the promoter’s place and left the next morning for the longest drive of the tour - 8 hours to London. Pretty much as far away as you can get 2 cities to be in the UK.

We were all looking forward to London because it was going to be huge. And it was. Unfortunately I got sick with an awful cold at some point and felt absolutely terrible. We went out after the London show and I saw my friend Cat who is one of the best people to talk about music with. By the time we left I may have been the only sober one, so I fully appreciated the ‘taxi’ service we used where a guy drives to your car in London on a small motorcycle, you load the motorcycle in the back, and then he drives your vehicle to wherever you’re going. Brilliant. It was hilarious and we survived, so I’d fully recommend it to anyone else.

After London was the Southampton show. I missed this city's show on the last tour I was on that came here, so I was excited to see a new place. I didn’t venture too far because I was still sick and also it was raining a whole lot. Another packed show, and those are always fun. This was our last UK show for this leg of the tour, though! We stayed the night back in London, wrapping up the first UK dates and summing it up as a massive success.