Free: Social Media Export Preset for Lightroom

This export preset for Adobe Lightroom optimizes your image dimensions and file size for posting on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Concert Photography Preset Pack 1

This Adobe Lightroom preset pack includes 5 development presets for concert photography, giving your live music photos a dark, contrasty, and heavily stylized look

Free: Photography Invoice Template

Download a free photography invoice mockup in docx, pdf, or pages formats, that you can send out to your clients. You'll be able to easily insert your own information and logo into the template.

Free Concert Photography Lightroom Presets

There's one color preset and one black & white preset for concert photography editing in this free Lightroom preset pack.

4 Concert Photography Camera and Lens Kits for Beginners

New to concert photography and don't know what camera and lens to buy? Here are 4 kits at different budgets that will get you started as a concert photographer.

How to Buy and Sell Camera Gear Online

If you're savvy, patient, and know where to look, you can save hundreds by buying used cameras and lenses online. Buying used items from third parties online comes with an additional risk, but I'd like to give you some tips on where to look, how to ask a fair price, and how to safely buy and sell items.

Best Compact and Mirrorless Cameras That Fit in Your Pocket

Getting a compact camera was one of the best purchases any photographer can make to improve their photography. It's unrealistic to always have your DSLR on you, but it's 2017 and there are some incredible options for pocketable compact cameras.

Concert Photography Gear to Watch in 2017

It's an excellent time to be a concert photographer, with top camera and lens companies releasing new gear that pushes the envelope for low-light photography. Here's some info about the Canon EOS 6D Mark II and more.

Inexpensive cloud storage for photographers using odrive and Amazon Drive

The best cloud storage for photographers I've found utilizes Amazon Drive and odrive to give you unlimited cloud photo storage and local sync at the least expensive price I've found for backup services.

The Best Camera Bag for Shooting Concerts

I found a camera bag last year that blew away every other bag I've used to shoot shows. It's lightweight, easy to access, and perfectly sized to carry everything I need during a show.

Camera Settings for Concert Photography Beginners

Dialing in the right settings for concert photography is a challenge, but this guide for beginners will tell you how to adjust your camera's settings up your camera for the best results at shows.

Back Button Focus: What It Is and Why You Need to Learn It

Back button focus allows you to gain unprecedented control over your camera when photographing moving objects. Let me teach you how it works and why you need to start using it.