Alec Benjamin


Creative Direction



Logo Design

Album + Packaging Design

Creative planning and rollout for Alec Benjamin’s third album (Un)Commentary began almost a year before release in spring 2022. I acted as the creative director, principal designer, and photographer for the project. 

We completed rollout for 4 single releases, 3 single releases in Mandarin, and 2 collaborations with other artists over the course of the campaign. 

This project was completed in collaboration with Alec’s management; Activist Artists Management and his label, Elektra Records.


Design / Photography / Layout

We created 3 physical versions of (Un)Commentary; vinyl, CD, and cassette which were all uniquely designed with the same visual language. 

Single Releases

Design / Photography / Layout



A key element of the branding was to create an organic, authentic treatment that leaned into the insightful and honest brand of songwriting Alec has created. To reflect this, logo and type treatments have all been printed, collaged, and hand-scanned for every delivery.

As a component of the initial album release campaign, I conceptualized and shot a two-day campaign with Alec and our team to maximize the number of versatile looks we could utilize. So far we’ve used unique images from this set of photos for album artwork, single artwork, all tour admats, layout, canvases, and many more peripheral assets.

Alec Benjamin - Coachella Billboard

Live Video Content


Over the course of the album cycle we have created 20+ individual pieces of live video content, which were utilized as show production for festivals and shows that Alec has played including Coachella.